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Everyone is going "CocoNUTS" over the EZinlet filter!

Made of coconut fiber and coated for durability these inlet filters can weather the storm!  We offer the EZinlet filter in 27" x 30" pads that come in packs of 10.  A simple to use installation kit is included with each filter.  The EZinlet filter pads can easily be rolled and secured in order to be used on a curbside inlet allowing the water to drain while keeping you and your construction site compliant. 

"We chose the EZinletfilter for the project based on a recommendation from our local inspector.  While we like the easy installation and sweep in-place maintenance design, our inspector likes the fact that they can drive through the project and see all grates are covered and the BMPs are properly maintained.  At the end of the day they're happy because they can easily see we are in compliance and we're happy with an effective, low cost BMP."- Happy Contractor



Stormwater runoff slows as it flows through the EZinlet filter, allowing sediment to drop out. Filtration further reduces sediment load, allowing filtered water to enter the storm sewer system.

"The EZinletfilter is easy to install and less costly to maintain than the bags or below grate inserts.  The flexibility of cutting to size on site is a big plus for us since we have different grate sizes and different local requirements to satisfy.  For example, I have two projects within a mile of each other using the same size and style of grate but one inspector requires the entire grate to be covered and the other inspector requires an exposed overflow.  I can take one roll of EZinletfilter and cut to fit the grates on site to meet the inspector's standards." - Flexible Contractor

Buy EZinletfilter - ROLL inlet filter (1 1/2" thick x 27" wide x 21' long) install kits included [FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $550]



Is the EZinletfilter easy to install & maintain?

Yes!  The EZinletfilter installs in minutes without removing the grate.  That means one person can do it reducing your cost of labor!  Maintenance is a breeze!  Simply sweep off the filter and remove the sediment and other debris from the area around the grate and filter.

What if I have different size storm drains on my site?

No problem!  The EZinletfilter rolls or pads can be easily cut to fit whatever size drain you are protecting!  Allowing you to protect all of the different drains on your site and making the EZinletfilter very cost effective!

Is the EZinletfilter easy to inspect?

Absolutely!  You can see the sediment and any debris that needs to be removed.  That makes scheduling your maintenance EZ!