Technical Information


Installation & maintenance of the EZinletfilter is fast and simple. Installation instructions can be found here.




Item #              Dimensions   Pieces per Carton

Pieces Per Pallet (email for shipping quote)


1.5” x 27” x 30”

10 pads

120 pads


1.5” x 27” x 21’

1 roll

12 rolls


1.5” x 27” x 75’


3 rolls (email for pricing)

Other pad and roll sizes are available upon request.

Cartons sized to ship by UPS.



The EZinletfilter allows you to maintain compliance with the 2017 Construction General Permit that became effective on February 26, 2017.  Page 10 states; "Install inlet protection measures that remove sediment from discharges prior to entry into any storm drain inlet that carries stormwater flow from your site to a water of the U.S., provided you have authority to access the storm drain inlet." "Clean, or remove and replace, the protection measures as sediment accumulates, the filter becomes clogged, and/or performance is compromised. Where there is evidence of sediment accumulation adjacent to the inlet protection measure, remove the deposited sediment by the end of the same business day in which it is found or by the end of the following business day if removal by the same business day is not feasible."

You can download the entire document (2017_cgp_final_permit_508) for further details.



TRI Environmental, Inc. provided the following test results: Download here